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These are my various web pages on R.M.S. Titanic.  Like many other people, I got caught up with James Cameron's movie, Titanic.  However, watching the movie made me curious as to how closely the movie matched the actual event.  This spurred me on to research the sinking of the Titanic, reading numerous books and websites.  The results of my research are located primarily in James Cameron's Titanic vs. R.M.S. Titanic, page 1 and page 2.  A number of questions that are answered in those two pages were posed by people who visited my original website.  The next page, The Hands of Titanic, was created at the urging of a friend who had noted that Cameron has used a visual theme in the movie, that of various hands, especially that of Jack and Rose.  What Happened to...? is a compendium of the various characters in the movie, both real and fictional, and is my attempt to discover the fates of these peoples.  (Unfortunately, I have never completely finished this webpage to my satisfaction, and I hope to complete it in the future.)  The last page, What Happened to...Chief Baker Charles Joughin?, is my tribute to one of the more interesting and quirky survivors of the Titanic.

As I mentioned above, I have answered questions from the public in the past regarding various aspects of Titanic.  Should anyone wish to ask any future question, I need to warn you in advance that all of my books on Titanic are in storage in the United States (I currently live overseas).  I may or may not be able to answer questions, depending on how good the local resources are; likewise, answering questions may take some time. 

John Dunne
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