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[Temporary Note: This webpage is under construction. Please don't be surprised if you can't find the web pages you're looking for. This website is a replacement to my previous site at netwrx.net. I'm working - slowly - to restore most, if not all, of my old web pages. I also hope, insha'allah, to add a few new pages in the future. In the meantime, please feel free to visit any of my three blogs (which I write in fairly frequently) or my other web pages that I've gotten up and running. Thank you for your patience.]

So, here I am again.

After living quietly in the Phoenix, Arizona area for almost twenty years, my life became, uh, very interesting all of a sudden. An internet romance with a Moroccan woman living in Switzerland brought about my decision to sever almost all of my ties to life in the United States (my job, apartment, belongings, etc.) to be with her. Unfortunately, the promise of that romance faded almost as soon as I reached Switzerland, and I quickly returned to the U.S. After some heartbreak and a fruitless job search, I decided to do something completely different: I became a conversational English instructor in South Korea. After a year in Busan, I moved to Singapore where I met and married my wife, Fatimah, who is a primary school teacher here. Friends and family still ask if I will return to the U.S. some day, and the answer remains, "Who knows?" But in the meantime, I'm here in tropical Singapore where this desert boy is still trying to get used to the humidity. :)

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