Faculty and Staff Directory

Names are arranged by department (Staff/Faculty/In Memoriam), then by surname. Names that are highlighted are linked to the individual's personal/employment web page or photograph.  [Warning:  Web page and e-mail addresses may be out of date.] 

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Name Title at Southside Comments
Nancy Annis Librarian  
Lenora E. Antes Cafeteria Staff  
Mary Bohman Cafeteria Staff  
Margaret Bradley Librarian  
Dale Bryant Counselor  
Donald Burris Custodian  
Earl M. Bush, Jr. Assistant Principal  
William Conz Custodian  
Georgeann Copestick Aide  
Jeanette Copley Librarian  
Mark Curran Career Education  
Marilyn Davis Nurse  
Theodore Faber Dean of Students  
Benjamin Fish Custodian  
Marion Green Registrar  
Georgenne Griffin Work Study Staff  
Pauline Harchison Guidance Secretary  
Arlene Harris Custodian  
Loretta Hintz Guidance Secretary  
Henry Hulser Counselor  
Mary Jenkins Office Secretary  
June Kast Office Secretary  
Ethel Keefer Librarian According to daughter Terri, Ethel is "on permanent vacation," and living in Maxton, North Carolina.
Mary Kohan Cafeteria Staff  
Audrey Lampman Cafeteria Staff  
Carol Lisi Cafeteria Staff  
Bonnie MacDonell Guidance Secretary  
Alice Manning Office Secretary  
David Mathes School/Community Coordinator Taught English and Drama from 1965 through 1976. Was the Community School Coordinator until 1983. He is currently retired, and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Eileen McCarthy Work Study Staff  
James Mitchell Counselor  
Mary Etta Mosher Cafeteria Staff  
James Newcomb Counselor  
Florence R. Obuhanich Cafeteria Staff  
Jerome O'Dell Principal  
Phyllis Potter Cafeteria Staff  
Beatrice Putnam Foreign Languages Aide  
Harold Reinhart Head Custodian  
Barbara Russell Tutorial Training  
Samuel Siskin Custodian  
Max Temple Custodian  
Patricia Thompson Cafeteria Staff  
Charles Thomson Counselor  
Robert White Custodian  
Phyllis Wilber Aide  



Name Title at Southside Comments
Donald Anderson Science  
Karen Berbary Human Ecology  
Yvonne Bevilacqua Foreign Languages Retired since 1994.  “I would very much enjoy hearing from the students of your class.”
Edgar Biamonte English  
Kimber Billow Music  
Donald Bittler Foreign Languages  
Cathy Bordinger English Teaches English at Southside (per 2004 SHS Staff webpage).
Marsha Brown Social Studies  
Frederick Carlson Social Studies  
William Caroscio Math  
Alice Clawson Business  
Joanne Cohen English  
James Colegrove Industrial Arts  
Dr. Vincent Corsall Science  
Allan Costello English  
Thomas Dauphinet Industrial Arts  
Ann Davis Science  
Joanne Fassett Business  
Lee Foreman English  
Sally Frasier Business  
Herman Friendman Social Studies  
Dennis Grinnell English  
Thomas Hall English  
James Hapeman Industrial Arts  
David Harper Math  
Richard Haven English  
John Hayes Science  
Rodger Henderson Social Studies  
Robert Hill Math  
Robert Hollenbeck Business  
Bryan Hoolihan Social Studies  
Thomas Hurley Physical Education Passed away.
John Illig Business  
Leonard Jordan Industrial Arts  
Michael Kenna English  
Carol Kennedy Music  
John Kent Health  
Ann Marie Lenhardt Art  
Katherine Luce Business  
Robert Lynough English  
J. William Maloney Social Studies  
David May Math  
Thomas Miller Social Studies  
Ronald Norman Math Teaches Math at Southside (per 2004 SHS Staff webpage).
James Osborne Science  
Ron Owens Art  
Beatrice Putnam Foreign Languages  
Daniel Reed Science  
Susan Rogers Foreign Languages  
Gregory Rudgers Music  
Ethel Sadler Business  
Clayton Sauberan Industrial Arts  
Harold Schwalb Business Passed away in 2008.
Dieter Schwarzbauer Foreign Languages  
David Sherman Physical Education Recently retired from teaching. Owns the Elmira Gymnastics Club, and runs the New York State Troopers' Camp at Keuka Lake.
Robert Smith Math  
Chucksey Spotts English  
Beatrice Stephens Physical Education  
Casimera Sullivan Foreign Languages Passed away.
Monroe Swezey Industrial Arts  
John Taft Driver Education  
Margaret Tremblay Physical Education Teaches Physical Education at Southside (per 2004 SHS Staff webpage).
Edward Trexler Social Studies  
Mary Tucker Business Teaches Business at Southside (per 2004 SHS Staff webpage).
Ronald Tucker Art Teaches Art at Southside (per 2004 SHS Staff webpage).
Lorraine Whitney Health  
Douglas Wilson Driver Education  
Jeff Woltjen English  
Patricia Wright Human Ecology  
Clifford Yarnell Social Studies  
James Zearfoss Science  


In Memoriam

Thomas Hurley Physical Education
Harold Schwalb Business
Casimera Sullivan Foreign Languages